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Workshop on "Quantum Simulation with Cold Matter and Photons"

Brussels, 8 - 11 February 2016

ULB - Campus Plaine - Solvay Room

The Workshop on "Quantum Simulation with Cold Matter and Photons" is organized in the context of

the 2015 International Jacques Solvay Chair in Physics attributed to Prof. Peter Zoller.

Quantum simulation denotes the approach by which controllable many-body quantum systems are designed and analysed in view of revealing complex and intriguing quantum phenomena. This fast

growing field of research gathers a huge community of scientists specialized in various branches of quantum physics, including condensed-matter physics, atomic and molecular physics, quantum

optics, quantum information and high-energy physics.

The Workshop will assemble a unique group of leading experts, who significantly contributed to the development of quantum simulation in the recent years.

The subjects discussed at the Workshop include:

- Cold atoms in optical lattices, Rydberg atoms and cold molecules

- Physics of trapped ions

- Hybrid quantum systems

- Quantum fluids of light: Photonic crystals, polaritons, and cavity quantum electrodynamics

- Superconducting circuits

- Quantum Hall physics, topological states of matter and strongly-correlated systems

- Quantum many-body dynamics, non-equilibrium dynamics, many-body localization

- Quantum simulation of lattice gauge theories

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Dmitry Abanin (Perimeter Institute, Canada)

Ehud Altman (Weizmann I., Israel)

Rainer Blatt (U. of Innsbruck, Austria)

Jérôme Beugnon (College de France, ENS)

Immanuel Bloch (MPQ Garching, Germany)

Jacqueline Bloch (LPN, CNRS, France)

Hans Peter Büchler (U. Stuttgart, Germany)

Ignacio Cirac (MPQ Garching, Germany)

Nigel Cooper (U. of Cambridge, UK)

Jean Dalibard (College de France, ENS)

Eugene Demler (Harvard, USA)

Tilman Esslinger (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Francesca Ferlaino (U. of Innsbruck, Austria)

Steven Girvin (Yale U., USA)



Scientific Committee

Ehud Altman (Weizmann I., Israel)

Rainer Blatt (U. of Innsbruck, Austria)

Immanuel Bloch (MPQ, Garching, Germany)

Iacopo Carusotto (U. of Trento, Italy)

Ignacio Cirac (MPQ, Garching, Germany)

Jean Dalibard (College de France, ENS)

Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO, Spain)

Jean-Michel Raimond (UPMC, France)

Frank Verstraete (U. of Vienna, Austria)

Uwe-Jens Wiese (U. of Bern, Switzerland)


Mohammad Hafezi (U. of Maryland, USA)

Massimo Inguscio (LENS, Firenze, Italy)

Wolfgang Ketterle (MIT, USA)

H. Jeff Kimble (Caltech, USA)

Mikhail Lukin (Harvard, USA)

Klaus Molmer (Aarhus U., Denmark)

Mikael Rechtsman (Pennsylvania State U., USA)

Ana Maria Rey (U. of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Mark Saffman (U. of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Moti Segev (Technion, Israël)

Enrique Solano (U. of the Basque Country, Spain)

Ian B. Spielman (NIST, USA)

Uwe-Jens Wiese (U. of Bern, Switzerland)



Organizing Committee

Nathan Goldman (ULB, Belgium)

Pierre Gaspard (ULB, Belgium)










Practical information for registrants

Fee and registration

Registration will take place on Monday 8 February from 8:30 a.m. in front of the Solvay Room.
There is no registration fee. However registrants need to cover their accommodation and catering costs.


A banquet will be held on Tuesday 9 February at 7:30 p.m. (For those who wish to attend, there will be a 50 Euro banquet fee to be paid cash on the first day of the workshop).


The workshop will be held at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) - Campus Plaine - Bld de la Plaine - 1050 Brussels (Building N.O. - 5th Floor - Solvay Room).

Click HERE for the map of the Campus.

Getting here

Metro line 5 (direction "Hermann Debroux") - Station "Delta". Delta is the metro station on the campus. Click HERE for the map of the metro.

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Hotel reservations must be made directly by the registrants.

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