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"Dynamics of biological systems: Modelling genetic, signalling and microbial networks"

Brussels, 2 - 4 May 2018 (ULB - Campus Plaine - Solvay Room)

The workshop aims to bring together leading scientists who study, through computational modelling, the role of networks in the dynamics of biological systems. It will focus on the multidisciplinary efforts made by researchers to understand the basic mechanisms by which interacting organisms, cells, signalling molecules and genes can give rise to the specific, highly organized characteristics of biological systems.

The workshop will be divided in five sessions, covering the following topics:

Development and cell differentiation
Circadian rhythms
Cell cycle

Calcium signalling

Microbial systems biology


For each topic, it is expected that the theoretical, analytical or computational approach will provide significant biological insight, through a close link with experimental approaches. The cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas between the participants of the various sessions will benefit all researchers using network science to understand how living systems organize and adapt.



*Some talks are available below, please click on the speaker’s name.

Martin Falcke (MDC, Berlin, Germany)

Shiri Freilich (Agricultural Research Organization, Israel)
Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo (U. Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
Albert Goldbeter (ULB, Brussels, Belgium)
Isabelle Gordo (Gulbenkian Science Institute, Oeiras, Portugal)
Michael Henson (U. of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)
Hanspeter Herzel (ITB, Berlin, Germany)

Dagmar Iber (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)

Elisabeth Klerman (Harvard University, USA)

Ursula Kummer (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Yang-Yu Liu (Harvard University, USA)

Felix Naef (Comp. Systems Biology lab, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Béla Novàk (University of Oxford, UK)

Alexander Skupin (Université du Luxembourg)

Ricard Solé (ICREA, Barcelona, Spain)

Mary Teruel (Stanford University, USA)

Denis Thieffry (ENS, Paris, France)


Organising Committee

Geneviève Dupont (ULB, Brussels, Belgium)
Karoline Faust (KU Leuven, Belgium)
Claude Gérard (UCL, Louvain, Belgium)
Didier Gonze (ULB, Brussels, Belgium)
Jean-Christophe Leloup (ULB, Brussels, Belgium)


Practical information for attendees

Fee and registration

Attendance is free of charge but registration is required (limited space).
To register, please click on ‘Click HERE to register’ at the top right of the webpage.
April 17, 2018 is the deadline for registration. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.


Name badges and WIFI codes will be distributed on site on Wednesday 2 May from 8:30 a.m.

Poster session

A poster session will be organized on Thursday 3 May.

Poster presentation from attendees is strongly encouraged.
A title and a short abstract (maximum 500 words including references) of the proposed contribution
should be sent in a Word document format using the template below to Isabelle Van Geet by
email at, before 4 April 2018.

Word template: abstract.doc

Size of poster board: H 1,20m x W 0,97m (suitable for A0 portrait poster)


The workshop will be held at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) - Campus Plaine - Bld de la Plaine - 1050 Brussels
(Building N.O. - 5th Floor - Solvay Room). Click HERE for the map of the Campus.


A banquet will be held on Wednesday 2 May at 7:30 p.m.
For those who wish to attend, there will be a 50 Euro banquet fee to be paid cash on the first day of the workshop.

Please send an email to Isabelle Van Geet ( if you wish to attend.

Getting here

Metro line 5 (direction "Hermann Debroux") - Station "Delta". Delta is the metro station on the campus.
Click HERE for the map of the metro.

For more information about public transport in Brussels go to the STIB's website.

If you come by car, please click HERE for directions.

Travel and accommodation

Attendees will have to arrange and pay for their own travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs.

Please see below links that might help you find accommodation in Brussels:

Hôtel Astrid - Hôtel Atlas - Sleep Well - Bed & Brussels - Visit Brussels -



***For any enquiries, please contact Isabelle Van Geet (