Workshop on "Cosmological Frontiers in Fundamental Physics"
Brussels, 29 May - 1 June 2012
ULB - Campus Plaine - Salle Solvay

The workshop is part of a series organized jointly by the International Solvay Institutes, APC (Université Paris VII, Paris) and the
Perimeter Insitute
(Waterloo, Canada). The series aims to discuss, in an informal setting, recent developments at the interface of cosmology and fundamental physics. The previous edition was held at APC in June 2011. The main emphasis of the 2012 edition is on holographic/string cosmology and related topics.

Scientific Committee


Organizing Committee

L. Boyle PI, Waterloo, Canada   B. Craps VUB & Solvay Institutes, Brussels, Belgium
B. Craps VUB & Solvay Institutes, Brussels, Belgium   M. Henneaux ULB & Solvay Institutes, Brussels, Belgium
T. Hertog KU Leuven, Belgium   T. Hertog KU Leuven, Belgium
G. Horowitz UCSB, Santa Barbara, USA   I. Van Geet Solvay Institutes, Brussels, Belgium
E. Kiritsis APC, Paris & University of Crete, Greece      
D. Langlois APC, Paris, France      
E. Silverstein Stanford University, USA      
A. Strominger Harvard, Cambridge, USA      



D. Anninos Stanford University, USA
T. Banks Rutgers University & UCSC, USA
J. Barbon IFT UAM/CSIC, Madrid, Spain
R. Bousso UC Berkeley, USA
C. Deffayet APC, Paris, France
F. Denef KU Leuven, Belgium
B. Freivogel UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
D. Green IAS, Princeton, USA
D. Harlow Stanford University, USA
J. Hartle UCSB, Santa Barbara, USA
T. Hartman IAS, Princeton, USA
D. Marolf UCSB, Santa Barbara, USA
S. Shenker Stanford University, USA
E. Silverstein Stanford University, USA
K. Skenderis UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A. Strominger Harvard, Cambridge, USA
L. Susskind Stanford University, USA
N. Turok PI, Waterloo, Canada
E. Verlinde UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
M. Zaldarriaga IAS, Princeton, USA



  • Events, locations and metro/bus connections

Place of the workshop: Metro line 5 (direction "Hermann Debroux") - Station "Delta". Click HERE for the map of the metro.
ULB-Campus Plaine- Building NO - 5th Floor - Salle Solvay. Click HERE for the map of the Campus.
Banquet: More information about the banquet will be available soon.
Please see our Guide Book for practical information.

  • Registration
Please note that the automated confirmation message you will receive after registering, only means that we have received your request. We might not be able to accept every registration as the number of participants will be limited by the size of the room. You will receive a second message confirming whether or not you have been accepted as participants. So please register early.

  • Fee

There is no registration fee. (Except for those who wish to attend the banquet, there will be a 50 Euro banquet fee to be paid on the first day of the workshop).
  • Accommodation

Hotel reservations must be made directly by the participants. The following link might be useful: Hotels in Brussels.
Hotels that we often use for our visitors are: Hôtel Opéra - Hôtel Arlequin - Hôtel Saint-Nicolas - Fondation Universitaire.

For any problem, please contact Isabelle (



Support from Solvay S.A., the Belgian "Loterie Nationale - Nationale Loterij", the "Communauté française de Belgique", the "Vlaamse Regering", the F.N.R.S. and the Fondation David et Alice Van Buuren is gratefully acknowledged.